Albanian School "Besa" - Boston, Massachusetts

Welcome to "Besa", the Albanian language and heritage school in Boston. We opened our doors in March of 2006, and as part of MAASBESA, continue to play our role in fulfilling one of the objectives of the organization by preparing kids/adults to communicate clearly in oral and written Albanian.

Why should your kids join our classes?

  • language learning in a cultural context
  • immersion program entails more than just language
  • an Albanian traditional dance class
  • individual work, group work, class work
  • forge connections with peers of similar backgrounds

An adult wanting to learn Albanian?

  • You are in the right place, we have an adults class
  • We only meet once a week during the weekend
  • You will speak Albanian like a pro
  • You will definitely enjoy the time in our class
  • You will become culturally fluent as well

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